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About Janis Ransom, our Principal Writer, Interview Coach, and Career Strategy Services Consultant:

Janis is a LinkedIn ProFinder:LinkedIn ProFinder is LinkedIn's professional services marketplace that LinkedIn members matches you with professionals service providers in your local area. Janis provides Professional Resume Writing, Interview Coaching and Career Strategy Consulting services.
As a validated LinkedIn ProFinder, Janis provides career services through the LinkedIn ProFinder services program. She also provides career services to the general public and clients who chose to consider services outside of the LinkedIn ProFinder Network Program.

Janis is also a LinkedIn Advisor:LinkedIn Advisors is a community of LinkedIn users who get an "Inside" look into LinkedIn and provide insights to help influence the future of the LinkedIn. Advisors get a sneak peek of what LinkedIn is working on, they can share what’s important to them, and help LinkedIn build a LinkedIn service,
that meets users needs.

Review my profile on LinkedIn: Janis Ransom
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