Your Best Cover Letter is Right Here!  
Cover Letters and Thank You Letters should highlight the info in your resume that qualifies you for the job.

Cover Letters are no longer a required accessory to your resume when applying for a job. Many employers do not require cover letters as part of your job application. However, when a cover letter is requested, your cover letter must make a memorable first impression. A Thank You Letter or Thank you email is a must!

Your cover letter must provide an overview of your qualifications and sell why you are the perfect candidate for the position. If a cover letter is requested, it must be unique to the job you are applying for. It must be a distinct cover letter that addresses your suitability for that particular job application. Most Recruiters report that they do not read cover letters, but hiring managers do read them!
As the saying, goes "Repetition is the art of memory." Add a well-written cover letter highlighting your suitability for the position and repeat a few essential facts from your resume.
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  • Use a cover letter if the application request that you upload a cover letter or allows for the upload of a document in addition to your resume.
  • If you are technical, engineering, scientific, or hold a project-based position, ask your writer to create a "skill sheet" instead.
  • List software, tools, projects, papers, conferences etc. on a skills sheet instead.
  • Create a masterful intro email instead of a cover letter.

  • Many job applications allow for an additional document upload besides your resume; speak to your writer about the best skill sheet option for your industry.
  • Please pay attention to your greeting and how you close you cover letter.
  • Here is a great article from Fast Company on business emails.

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