Career Strategy Consulting
Our Leadership and Career Strategy services will help you identify, catalog and amplify your strengths, utilize and
implement strategies for your career advancement. We will align your goals, experience, skills, and resources.

Your Career Coach and Mentor will help you identify and succeed in your career. They do not often pursue remedies
to problems in your personal life. The goal is to help you identify, keep, and excel in a career you love. Identifying and
addressing personal life challenges is very relevant, contributing, and useful in helping you to succeed in your career.
Take an intentional approach to creating and pursing your career goals that includes strategically setting long-term goals,
by exploring professional training, career development opportunities, and gaining new work experiences.

Many job seekers believe that career strategy is about fixing stuff or changing everything, but that is wrong. It is about
amplifying your strengths and identifying how the concerns affect your career, whether you are struggling or striving to
attain a very meaningful work-life balance or whether to leave a long-term steady position that is no longer fulfilling.

Are you changing from full-time employee status to a consulting role and grappling with the decision of whether to stay
in your current field? We will work with you to clarify your career and critical personal goals and the transferable skills
required for the new position. Our one-to-one Career Strategy Consulting Sessions will address your exact needs.

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