Delays in Gift Redeption

Delays in the Gift Redemption at the purchase a price stated on the gift certificate or purchase receipt.

As our services are often given as gifts, we can accommodate up to a three-month delay in the redemption of the gift at a price stated on the sales order number of the gift receipt.

If you believe that there may be a three-month or more delay in the redemption of the gift at a price displayed on the gift certificate before the client uses our service, please call us at our business office: 888-825-4945

There will be multiple drafts and revisions to the resume as we create your resume or cover letter to ensure your satisfaction.

Resume Writing: The writers at Franklin Paterson Company, Inc. will work with you throughout the resume writing revision process until you are satisfied with your resume and meet the requirements for your job search.

There is no refund once the research, prep work, and resume writing have begun. The cost of the Resume Questionnaire is always deducted from the refund amount.
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