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The client understands that all items purchased online at Franklin Paterson Company, Inc. are creative products or services.

In particular, Franklin Paterson Company, Inc. Questionnaires © are the proprietary property of Franklin Paterson Company Inc.

These documents are valuable and are not to be acquired, kept, resold, disclosed, or distributed without payment.
Please return the Resume Questionnaire © within forty-eight hours of receipt of the Questionnaire © to receive a
full refund, should you decide not to proceed with the resume writing or interview training process.

Our Resume Questionnaire © is FREE only to paid customers who receive it as part of the resume writing and interview training process.

If you decide not to continue with the writing process, in all cases, please return the Questionnaire © within the first 48 hours of receipt.

Should you keep the proprietary resume writing and interview prep document - you will be charged the $35.00 fee,
which you would pay if you purchased the material alone.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow the distribution of our proprietary property without payment. Should you decide not to proceed
with the writing process, please return all resume writing or resume design documents WITHIN
within 48 hours to ensure a full refund.

If you are canceling an order for which you received a Questionnaire © and did not return the Questionnaire © within 48 hours,
the $70.00 fee will be deducted from the price you paid.
The remainder will be returned to you within ten days of your notification of a canceled order.

Resume Writing

We appreciate your business and endeavor to make corrections/additions as requested or needed during the resume writing process
to guarantee your satisfaction. You have up to one year to use your purchase and complete the resume writing process.

You have up to three months from the date of purchase to start the resume design process.
We realize that events may arise that may delay the start of your job search effort, or the service may be a gift
that the recipient may not use to use immediately.
Please do not hesitate to update your writer if there will be a substantial delay exceeding three months.

We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations once our writers have begun working on your resume. But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.Once your order has been accepted and our writers and researchers begin working on your resume, we cannot issue a refund.

We cannot issue a refund once our writers and researchers begin the process of working on your resume.

Writers may use an old resume, Questionnaire © plus resume, Questionnaire © only, in-person or telephone interviews
as the basis for information to write your resume.

Please contact us within 72 hours or three business days upon receipt of the documents' first draft
if you need to revise your resume, letters, etc.

We will make up to two revisions/ additions to the resume within the first ten days of receipt of the final documents.
We will work with you to make the revisions you desire to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Given the unique benefits of the resume writing process, career counseling, job research, review of your current document,
interview training, and job board referrals that you receive from your initial call or contact with a writer and career counselor.
During the process/discussion of having your resume written; we have a strict "no return, no refund" policy after the stated time period.

Due to the research, design, and counseling preparation needed to begin the writing process, once our writers and
researchers start the process of working on your resume, we cannot issue a refund.

Writing your resume or cover letter is a creative process; no refunds are permitted on creative products or services.
All sales for resume design and cover letter services are final once the writer begins the research, design, and counseling preparation
process to create your resume or cover letter.

The client agrees to pay Franklin Paterson Company, Inc. the reasonable costs of enforcement for collection
if it is necessary for Franklin Paterson Company, Inc. to retain an attorney and institute legal proceedings.

The laws of the state of Indiana shall prevail in enforcing this contract.

Thanks Franklin Paterson Company, Inc. For questions, email us at

** After ten days or for minor additions, please call your writer directly during the interview process.
Faxed or emailed requests will not be honored.

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