Interview Preparation or Coaching (90)Zoom

Interview Preparation or Coaching (90)

Interview Preparation or Coaching (90)
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Interview Preparation, or Interview Coaching, will give you renewed interviewing confidence, define your career choices, and perform well.

We will help you use your communication instincts and tap into your (EQ) Emotional Intelligence to manage stress. Use your insights and emotions
in positive ways to communicate effectively on your job search journey.

Jobseekers: We will work on overcoming the challenges of scheduling interviews, arranging and excelling at phone calls, explaining your time
constraints to employers, sorting the references challenge, and defusing
other personal conflicts as you progress along your job search journey.

We will work with you on presenting the key elements of your skills, strengths, experience, transparency of career goals, and the tougher interview questions, including, salary, RFL, etc. you find most difficult. We will continue working with you throughout your interview stage, the offer negotiation, the unnerving job acceptance, the project handover, and the resignation period.

If you are at the very start of the interviewing process, we recommend you consider this packet to accommodate a multiple interview process plus second or panel interview coaching. We will continue to work with you throughout the interviewing process until you accept a position.

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