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Help Cold Calling Hiring Managers

Help Cold Calling Hiring Managers
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There other techniques beside posting your resume on the job boards and networking, to improve your chances in getting that interview and landing your new job?

A great way to introduce yourself and to get ahead of other jobseekers is a direct cold call to the hiring manager.

Cold Calling the hiring manager directly to introduce yourself and your qualifications for a position you are interested in will make you stand out!!! These cold calling skills are also useful if you choose the walk-in or resume drop off job search technique. How?

Cold calling a manager to discuss an open position, as part of your job search, can eliminate many of the steps that keep your resume out of the slow resume routing track from recruiter or human resources to hiring manager.

Our Job-search cold call coaching is designed to help you create and master a cold call to a company you are interested in.

We can also teach you how to get around a pesky gate-keeper, receptionist or startled manager. Most importantly we can teach you how to pacify an angry Human Resources person or Recruiter if you are automatically forward there by the switchboard or manager.

While managers will often say that they do not like or encourage these job-search cold calls, they are often quite impressed with the fact that you have made the call especially, if the job involves customer interaction, interfacing with multiple departments or a management role.

Do not waste this great opportunity to showcase your skills by flubbing the call.

Using cold calling as part of your job search strategy can be tricky, let us show you how to:

  • Choose the right job and company to cold call
  • The best days and times to call
  • How to initiate the call.
  • Create an introductory statement for the gatekeeper and the hiring manager
  • Engaging a hiring manager on the phone.
  • Scheduling the in-person interview
  • What to do if you are routed to personnel
  • Should you try more than to reach a single manager
  • How to end the call
  • Post phone call strategy

  • Speak to a job search cold call coach now to learn more… Or better yet purchase our 30 minute cold call prep.
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