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Management Resume Revision
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Are you seeking a Sales or Business Leadership, Technical Management, or a Senior Member of Technical Staff position? Then our Management Resume Revision service is perfect for you. This service is also a great choice if you seek an internal promotion to a Sales, Medical or Scientific, Business, or Financial Management role.

63% of our Resume Renovation Clients will return to have their resumes updated within two years of tenure at their new jobs to add their additional projects or promotions. Remember to fine-tune and keep your resume updated always!!!

We begin with:
i. An in-depth phone consultation of approximately three-quarters of an hour.
ii. Identify your career goals, interests, skills, experience, and achievements.
iii Check to ensure you have not omitted anything important from the initial information you provided.

Unsure as to whether your resume should be a single page or the resume version of "war and peace"? Your experienced resume writer will work with you to write a job-specific resume that will parse well and get you noticed for the right reasons.

Our Management Resume is a great choice for the Middle Management and Technical Jobseeker, including Teachers, IT Specialists, Engineering, Biotech, Marketing Consultants, Senior Sales, Product Management, Lawyers, Financial Analysts, Administrators, Finance Managers, Accountants, in Supervisory, Operations or Project Management positions and Senior Government Employees.

Adopting a Manager Perspective
by Carolyn Goerner Professor at Kelley School of Business.

From the Forbes Coaches Council:
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn - John Maxwell
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