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Need a Government, Military, or Technical resume requiring specialized wording or format?

If your resume requires specialized wording or formatting, this resume service is perfect for you. Your new resume will be sent to an expert in your field for review. We begin with: A career goal consultation to help you identify your skills, career, and job goals.
Very often, job seekers with military service backgrounds have diverse skills and backgrounds, specialized transferable skills, experience, and achievements, some military and some civilian that needs to mesh into a cohesive resume document. We help you determine how your military experience is transferable to a civilian position.

While FREE is always good, the exception may be a well-written resume that does not look like that last dozen the managers have just seen. Sometimes standing out IS a good thing! Our writers will check to ensure you have not left out anything important from the initial information you provided. Also, please take a look at Resume Concierge; our clients have successfully filled out those complex government job applications!!!

The Ten absolutely essential things every veteran should know about job hunting.
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