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One Page Google Style Resume

One Page Google Style Resume
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Your One-Page resume, Internship, or "Google-style" resume will contain well-thought-out and customized experience, education, and accomplishments sections.
Your new resume will also include relevant skills summaries and job experience sections for your industry. Special attention will be paid to adding your projects, previous internships, skills summary, and achievements.

Preparation of your Custom One Page Resume, which we recommend for non-technical candidates with zero to three years (0-3 yrs) of experience, begins with an in-depth consultation with a Career Counselor and Resume Writer.

i. Work with one resume writer throughout the entire resume design process. Our Resume Questionnaire will help you gather information about your skills, projects, education, specialized training, awards, or accomplishments. It is also helpful as a prepping tool when writing thank-you letters after your interviews.

iii. A draft of your Early Career resume will be sent to you for comment, review, and changes, and a 20-minute resume draft review session with your writer will occur once you return the draft with comments. Delivered within 48 to 72 hours after your purchase.

Your industry-specific one-page resume is also a great choice as a one-page skills profile for a senior professional or LinkedIn. What to include in One-Page Resumes.


WOW!!!!! This is incredible!!!!!! Thank you so much! This resume is really great and much better than I expected. I don't have any edits. This looks great. Thanks a ton, and I will send any of my friends who are re-doing their resumes to you! Thanks again! M.G. Boston, MA

Recent Grads: If you are a recent graduate in a technical or engineering field with less than three years of industry experience, consider this Early Career Resume.

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