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Whether you are seeking a new position or competing for a job promotion, you need a Professional Social Media Profile and Online Career Presence in addition to your resume to showcase your skills, ability, and potential.

  • Announce your personal and professional updates on separate posts.
  • Use relevant keywords in your profile so recruiters can find you.
  • Follow relevant companies and individuals in your industry or network.
  • Join and get involved in LinkedIn Groups related to your industry.
  • Describe the role you are seeking when you initiate conversations.

  • Let us help you, Renovate your LinkedIn Profile!!!

    Accelerate your job search with Professional Social Media and Online Career Profile.

    Always add your Professional Social Media Profile links to your resume, job applications, and emails. Employers regularly visit the sites below to view a potential Candidate's Online Profiles before considering them for a position.

    You should have a Professional Online Profile on one or more of these sites:

  • - can help you to get the most from your professional network and increase referrals to new jobs.

    Let us work with you to create or update your LinkedIn profile that will represent you properly, and catch the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. A well designed LinkedIn profile is essential to your job-search success.
    We will work with you to update or create a new a Professional LinkedIn Profile that will stand out and get you noticed!!
    Join and add relevant career oriented groups .

  • - before starting your job search or publishing your professional online career profile, scrub your page of info that is too personal or inappropriate.

  • - creating a professional social media profile on Twitter can help with your job search. Employers use Twitter as a source for information on your interest and character.

  • Personal Web Site or Blog- Create a personal web site or blog that includes your Professional Social Media Profile or Online Career Profile, include any articles you have written or links to career relevant interests. Remember to add your LinkedIn badges too.

    A Word Of Caution:

  • Human Resources and Hiring Managers regularly source LinkedIn and other Social Media sites for candidate; but remember, for the application process and interview you will need a professional resume, that expands on the highlights in your profile.

  • Online profiles do not replace Professional Resumes or Cover Letters.

  • Ask us today about our Social Media Profile Services / Online Career Profile Services / Help updating your LinkedIn Profile.

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