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Resignation Letters
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Make sure that you resignation letter does not hurt your chances of getting a reference in the future. Have a professionally designed resignation letter prepared for you!!

Here are the many types of Resignation Letters we offer.

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Resigning, yet still searching for your perfect job?
A resignation letter will sometimes replace an exit interview, so a well written explanation of why you are leaving, may be all the company needs. Often a simple resignation letter will work in most circumstances.

Please Note: If you are a mid-career to senior employee, technical or at a management level you will need a letter that is closer to your original cover letter.
Let us help you design a resignation letter that will help you get great references for years to come!!!

After accepting your new job offer by phone, remember to send a Job Acceptance letter, and professionally written Thank You Letters to your references or referrals.
Thank you emails do not count...
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