Starter Resume, Entry Level or New Grad Resume

Early Career Resume

Early Career Resume
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If you are an early career candidate or seeking an internship position, then the Starter Resume service is perfect for you!

Preparation of your starter resume begins with a consultation with a career counselor and professional resume writer. Click here to view Starter Resume Writing FAQ's

  • At the start of the process our writers will send you a resume questionnaire.

  • The Resume Questionnaire will have significant input into our work, drafting your new resume, and it will help you in prepping for your interviews.

  • Using the information gathered in our phone conversations and from the Questionnare, our writer will choose a resume design that highlights your strengths and qualifications.

  • Work with one resume writer throughout the entire process. Want to purchase the Resume Questionnaire only? Click Here
    You best career starts with a Professional Resume

  • A draft of the resume will be sent to you for comment and review, and a review call will be scheduled

  • Changes or additions are made upon return of the draft based on your input. The finished resume will be emailed to you within 72 hours.

  • Customer Comment:
    WOW!!!!! This is incredible!!!!!
    Thank you so much! This is really great and much better than I expected. I don't have any edits. This really looks great. Thanks a ton and I will definitely send any of my friends that are re-doing their resumes to you!
    Thanks again!
    M.G. Boston, M.A.

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