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Computer, Web, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Resumes (New Grad, Intern)

Technical Resumes (New Grad, Intern)
Technical Resumes (New Grad, Intern)
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Product Description

Need a Technical Resume for an Engineering, Computer Technology, Biotechnology, Scientific, Medical, or Pharmaceutical position?

Then choose our two page Technical Resume design.

We begin with:
i. A phone consultation of approximately a quarter of an hour.
ii.Identify your career goals, job interests, skills, experience and achievements.
iii Check to make sure that you have not left out anything important from the initial information you have provided.

A badly written resume may get you overlooked for the level of job, or promotion at the salary you seek. Our professional resume writers can help you design a resume to meet industry standard requirements, and improve the interview process.

***Customer Comment and Suggestions***

Customer Comment: Bio-Tech Candidate:
"I think my revised resume is very professional and effective. It is so well laid out. I got an interview from the job I sent you last week. I think the resume really succeeded in getting the hiring manager's attention." 12/06
K.H. Texas (Confidential Resume submittal)

Our resumes will highlight and enhance your technical experience, significant technical skills or abilities.
For technical Cover Letters, Reference Letters, Resignation and Thank You Letters, click on the menu on the left.

Need to add a specific skill or technology to your resume during the job search process, call us we will make the minor change for FREE!!!


Job Search Cover Letters and Thank You Letters should highlight information in your resume that qualifies you for the job you seek.

Most Recruiters and Hiring Managers report that they do not read cover letters. The thinking is that you are applying to the to join the company because you believe you are qualified for the position.

So your qualifications and other information should already be in your resume.

  • Use a cover letter if the application request that you upload a cover letter

  • If you are a technical, engineering, or scientific candidate, or hold a project-based   position, ask your writer to create a "skill sheet" or project list instead.

  • List software, tools, projects, papers, conferences etc. on a skills sheet instead.

  • Create a masterful intro email instead of a cover letter.

  • Many job applications allow for an additional document upload besides your resume; speak to your writer regarding the best use of that opportunity.