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Types of Job Resignation Letters

Types of Job Resignation Letters
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Here are the most common types of Resignation Letters and why you should have yours written by a professional writer.

Most companies keep resignation letters in your personnel file and refer back to them along with your exit interview data when a reference is requested.

Professionally Written Resignation Letters enhance your chances of getting a super reference and a better offers in future job searches. Your custom resignation letter can be a real value added in your career.

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Types of Resignation Letters : More Info.
1. Simple Resignation letter
2. Straight to the Point – I Quit!!!
3. Moving to similar company
4. Waiver of Notice Period
5. Extension of Notice Period
6. Request to Shorten Notice Period
7. No Written Contract
8. Going back to College
9. Retiring early
10. Leaving an Internship position early
11. Leaving to have a baby (not coming back)
12. Leaving due to illness

Resignation Retraction Letters: More info.
What if the company you are leaving, makes you a great counter offer?
1. Thank you for the offer - promotion.
     - I accept your job offer to stay with the company.
     - I decline
2. Staying because Change of Role
3. Staying because of Promotion or Pay Raise
4. Offered another Job with in the company.