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To get your resume noticed in today's competitive job market you need well organized, key word rich, job specific, highly searchable resume, that will parse well, and be absorbed intact into Job Boards and Employer ATS systems.     

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Our resume designs, will deliver logical organization, and high readability from job board posting, to Recruiter and Hiring Manager reviews, and the interview itself.
About our Resume Writing Services:
Your personalized resume writing, and cover letter services, begin with an in-depth consultation with a career counselor and professional resume writer.

This combination of Resume Writing and Career Consultation will deliver a new resume of improved design, and organization that will highlight your skills and potential.  

Frequently asked Questions:

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Cover Letters:
Does your Cover Letter spell out your suitability for the position or your aspirations? A super resume plus bad or no cover letter at all, will cost you interviews!!!

How long does it take to write your custom resume or cover letter?
Cover letters can be written within 2-24 hours. Resumes are written within 4-72 hours.

Professional Social Media Profiles
New Grads, accelerate your job search, and be visible to more companies with Professional designed Social Media and Career Profile.

Always add your Professional Social Media Profile links to your resume, job applications, and job search emails. Employers regularly visit these sites to view Online Candidate Profiles before considering them for a position.

Combine creative resume design with a superbly written cover letter - and watch your interview and job offers soar!!!

Know someone about to graduate, laid off, or need a gift for someone who has been looking for a new position for some time?

The gift of a professionally written resume, plus cover letter or any of the many services Franklin Paterson Resumes offers would be a Perfect Gift!!

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