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For More Accurate Selection on Company ATS', More Interviews, and Better Offers.


Twenty-plus years of experience helping job seekers achieve their career goals. We offer a straightforward yet innovative approach to Resume Writing, Interview Preparation, Career Counseling, and Job Search solutions, targeted to meet your career objectives today but flexible enough to evolve as your career goals change and grow along with your skills. Our aim is to provide Jobseekers with a smooth and professional approach to procuring the right job within their time frame. This goal is backed up by the latest technology available to guarantee results.


Our professionally written resumes, cover letters, skills sheets, and thank-you notes will help focus the interviewer on your qualifications, job-related experience, and suitability for the position. We create resumes and cover letters that are career-specific, job board ready, and parse flawlessly to be quickly absorbed by ATS'. They are loaded with easy-to-find job-specific information - all on two to three pages or less, depending on your experience level!

Our resumes deliver high readability and logical organization; they are keyword enhanced to accommodate Applicant Tracking Systems and continue to work for you at the interview itself! Purchase your services today and have your resume or cover letter designed anytime in the next three months.

Why does your old-style resume no longer work?

Many resumes are far too stylized and decorated to be helpful job search tools. Many do not parse or deconstruct easily to be absorbed by ATS'. The emphasis should be on content, good writing, perfect grammar, and the logical placement of crucial information to accommodate the technology that is part of today's job search. Using the wrong format, resume length, language, or keywords for your industry or job level can hurt your chances.

Why a professionally written resume?

  • As well as helping you obtain more interviews, a professionally written resume can continue to work for you at the interview itself. It can help focus the interviewer on your major strengths and achievements, giving you an advantage that can nudge you ahead of other interviewees.

  • A professionally written resume can boost your salary offer because it can convey the benefits of employing you. A professionally written resume could pay for itself. Your resume is your investment in your future - your hopes and the achievements you have accrued are contained in that document.

  • Remember- you only get a few seconds to make that first impression, so make your resume stand out!

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