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Career Strategy Consulting

Career Strategy Consulting
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Your Career Strategy Consulting Plus Interview Preparation Sessions will help you to clarify your career goals, fine-tune your communication skills and career aspirations, and identify barriers to performing well on your job. Our training will also help you to match your credentials with the job skills and requirements outlined in the job descriptions and identify the attributes that the company is seeking.

This training will give you the renewed clarity of goal in your job search approach and the improved telephone and in-person interviewing confidence you seek to display. It will also add a strategic approach to designing and answering interview questions.

Same Day Service Available. (No Priority Charge)

This service provides two Interview Coaching Sessions, one Career Strategy Consulting Session, plus help in updating your LinkedIn profile.
Special Pricing: $246.00

Suggestion: Schedule your first session in advance of any scheduled interviews so that you can prepare the fundamentals. Schedule the second or third session the day before your one-on-one or panel interview and the last session before your final in-person or panel interview. And watch your interview, and salary offers soar!!

Career Strategy Counseling and Interview Coaching is an excellent training tool before an annual salary or performance review and an invaluable preparation tool before college or school admissions interviews.

Career Strategy, and Interview Coaching is not just for job interviews:

Thank you for your help with Career Strategy and the same day Interviewing Prep in advance of my school interview. I just got the letter saying I was accepted to the medical school I wanted. Thanks Again, S.V.
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