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Interview Preparation (60)

Interview Preparation (60)
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The Single Session Interview Preparation, Interview Coaching, or Interview Practice of sixty-minutes (or two 30-mins sessions) is an excellent way to brush up on your interviewing skills. Get practical analysis to help you tune-up your Interviewing and Feedback skills for better interview results and more offers.

This Interview Preparation / Interview Coaching package contains interview questions and answers that are appropriate for your industry and level of experience. (No Priority Charge for same-day service.)

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Same Day Interview Coaching Service is Available. (No Priority Charge)

Jobseekers: We work with you to formulate appropriate responses when you present the key elements of your skills, experience, and career goals. We will also work on the more challenging interview questions, including career goals, salary, skills and tenure gaps, RFL, etc., which you may find difficult. Divide the time into two 30-minute or three 20-minute sessions to accommodate second interviews.

We will continue to work with you throughout your interviewing process until you accept your new position to ensure your success.
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