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Interview Coaching (30)

Interview Coaching (30)
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This Interview Coaching or Interview Practice session of 30 minutes (or two 15-20 minutes.) is a great way to brush up on your interviewing skills. Get practical analysis, interviewing practice, and response strategy tips to help you tune up your presentation, feedback, and follow-up skills for better interview results.

Our Interview coaching service includes an Interview Questionnaire with questions and guidelines appropriate for your industry, job interests, and experience level.

Improving your interview communication skills takes continuous learning and very diligent practice. It also requires managing the delivery of your message, controlling your voice, body language, and nervousness, and listening attentively.

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Same Day Interview Coaching Service is Available. (No Priority Charge)

Whether you are job searching or preparing for your annual review: We will work with you to formulate appropriate yet individualized responses to use when presenting the key elements of your skills, experience, and career goals.

We will tackle the challenging questions: career goals, reporting structure, salary, skills, tenure gaps, RFL, and the dreaded, "Do you have any questions for me?" So, you should be prepared to ask thoughtful and insightful questions at your interview.

If the interviewer seems agitated, annoyed, cross, or defensive about your questions, this red flag could indicate they do not value your thoughts, your interest in doing well at the interview, or aspects of your career concerns. It could also indicate that they are not in alignment with their company's interest or in hiring someone who genuinely aligns with their company. So, here is why you should always recognize and Pay attention to Interview Red Flags Before Accepting The Job via @forbes

We can also work to remove those verbal ticks from your responses to interview questions. Do you utilize filler phrases like "such as, you know” and “um”? Many of us have verbal tics of which we are unaware, ticks that can undermine our credibility. We use them because it’s easy, and they fill in the communication noise space when we are nervous, uncertain about what to say, or terrified of saying the wrong thing.

These and similar filler phrases can undermine an interviewer's confidence that we are the right fit for the job since they make us appear to be less certain that "We" are a good fit for the job! Use the time as a single 30-minute or two 15-minute sessions, and we will continue to work with you until you accept your new position.