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Mid-Career Resume Renovation

Mid-Career Resume Renovation
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Our Mid-Career Resume Renovation, resume writing service, delivers high readability and the logical organization of your resume, which will continue to work for you at the interview.

The Mid-Career Resume Renovation Service is a complete re-write of your resume or a new resume design; it includes our Resume Questionnaire at no cost and is best suited for the mid-career jobseeker. **The Mid-Career Resume Service also consists of a review and help to upgrade your social media profile and interview preparation.

  • Work with a professional resume writer and career counselor to renovate a current or dated resume. Your new resume will showcase improved resume design, organization, and wording to highlight your strengths to get you noticed!!!

  • Employers often receive hundreds of resumes in response to an advertised position; they quickly scan these resumes to decide which candidate they should invite for an interview. Recruiters and managers look for skills and achievements, but they also look for problems.

  • Getting more interviews from the online Job Boards:

    You may be the perfect candidate but may have some obstacles to overcome before the interview. Problems may include relocation needs, unemployment, a recent lay-off, changing careers, frequent job changes, lack of specific technical or product qualifications, perceived in-experience, too much experience, returning to work after illness, an extended holiday, or child-rearing leave.

    If the position you are applying for requires any or abllo of the following, a cover letter, a skills sheet, a list of projects or publications; please consider this service Mid-Career Resume plus Cover Letter

    We are experienced in handling these career problems; we ensure that these career blips do not prevent you from getting the interview.
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