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Resume Review and Feedback

Resume Review
Resume Review
Item# reandfe1481

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Resume Review
Resume Review and Feedback is an excellent choice for the jobseeker who believes that their current resume; needs minor organizational, formatting or grammatical changes; to enhance it's selection on jobboards and employer resume searches.

Resume Review and Feedback
Item# reandfe1481
Price: $69.00

The Review and Feedback Design Process begins with a 20 minute consultation with a senior resume writer who will review the quality of the writing, industry experience and skills, and provide resume enhancing design and organizational comments to get your resume notice!!!. Use the additional 10 minutes for comments and final review.

Our writer will help you identify your core skills, suggest changes the current resume, check to see if your terminology up to date etc. and help you to add or subtract from your current resume.

Resume Review and Feedback allows you to call in to discuss the changes you would like to make. You may also use our FREE layouts to help.

If you would like feedback and comment from a professional writer, as you create your resume then resume Review and Feedback will be perfect for you.

QA an existing resume, design your new resume, update an old resume, or to make adjustments for an internal promotion. Get help from a professional resume writer through out the process.

Already possess a Franklin Paterson Resume, and need a comprehensive overhaul for a new industry or job requirement then consider Resume Renovation

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