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Mid-Career Resume Revision

Mid-Career Resume Revision
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Mid-Career Resume Revision is an excellent choice for the mid-career jobseeker whose current resume needs simple revisions, including skills enhancements, improved organization, formatting, grammatical enhancements; and parsing alignment to enhance its selection on job boards and employer resume searches.

Mid-Career Resume Revision begins with a 20 minute consultation with a senior Resume Writer and Career Counselor, who will review your industry experience, skills, and achievements to provide resume enhancing design, skills enhancements, parsing and organizational improvements to your new resume to get your resume noticed!

Your writer will consider structural changes to the current resume, check to see if your terminology up to date to produce a revised and updated resume that is well suited to today's technology-enhanced job search process.

Let us do a Mid-Career Resume Revision to update or revise an old resume, if you are applying for a new position, or need to make minor adjustments to a dated resume, for an internal promotion.

Work with one professional resume writer throughout the process.

Already possess a Franklin Paterson Resume, and need an overhaul for a career in new industry or new job search? Schedule a FREE 15-min Consultation to speak directly with a Writer and Career Consultant, to discuss your options.This resume service will include helping you prep for upcoming interviews

Writing Tool #26:
Fear Not the Long Sentence. Do what you fear: Use long sentences.
"For while length makes a bad sentence worse, it can also make a good sentence better".

From an article by
Roy Peter Clark)

Senior Scholar, Poynter Institute - Poynteronline.org.

Client Feedback:
Hello Janis,
I wanted to give you an update. I did get a job, thanks to your resume building skills :)
Thank you again. Adnan R. (02/2022)

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